◆ 2016 Year Burson-Marsteller China  Top 100 brands

◆ China Building Decoration Association   member unit

◆ International Architectural Decoration Interior Design Association   Chinese governing units

◆ China 's home decoration (decoration) to create space design competition   Space design leading brand

◆ China Interior Decoration Association  member unit

◆ China Interior Decoration Association  Group member unit

◆ CSDC China Space Designer Club   Executive director unit

◆ Beijing Interior Decoration Association    member unit

◆ Beijing Interior Decoration Association    Green decoration business

◆ 2009 Hubei Province, high-quality building decoration works

◆ 2008 - 2009 Xiangfan City Shou contract re-credit enterprises

◆ 2010 high quality building decoration project in Hubei Province

◆ 2009 - 2010 Xiangyang City Shou contract re-credit enterprises

◆ Construction projects provincial and municipal awards, a total of 16 items


◆ Building decoration construction contractor Level

◆ Building decoration engineering design special level

◆ Electronic intelligent engineering contractor Level

◆ Building curtain wall engineering contractor Level

◆ Steel structure engineering contracting level

◆ Construction mechanical and electrical installation engineering professional contract level

◆ Fire equipment construction and installation engineering contractor level

◆ Construction general contractor

◆ Municipal public works general contractor level

◆ Landscaping construction general contractor




company add:Yongkang headquarters center Jinshan Building, 11th floor

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