• Full case design
  • Auxiliary material management
  • Material purchasing
  • Transparent acceptance
  • Quality strict control
  • OA management
  • Customer supervision
  • Worry-free sale
  • 1+N service
  • President channel
Full case design system:

With more than 200 well-known national designers

In Beijing has the whole case design research and development center

With the support of internationally renowned design agencies

The only domestic custom to do the whole design of the whole body

Auxiliary material management system:

Headquarters unified procurement, to ensure that the quality of materials.

The establishment of a central material library, fully enclosed management, to ensure that there is no fake.

Main material purchasing system:

Free purchasing the main material to ensure that the city's lowest price

Material business and the company both sides design hand services

More than 100 first-line brand, green, quality assurance.

Transparent acceptance system:

Materials approach, customer site acceptance

Customer Signature Acceptance Each process is completed

Completion satisfaction assessment.

Quality control system:

The company unified management of construction, to ensure quality and after-sales

Double material approach acceptance procedures

Double process completion acceptance procedures

Supervision of the whole project supervision

Full-time customer service full return visit

Weekly site inspection

General manager from time to time spot inspection site

Beijing headquarters set up full-time supervision, regular supervision visit the site

OA management system:

Customer service full software management, so that more standardized services

Saving management costs, improve operational efficiency

Electronic quotation system to ensure more transparent pricing

Beijing headquarters unified monitoring, strict quality and service

Customer supervision system:

Each project cut-off point, will arrange for customers to conduct on-site acceptance

Each project cut-off point, return to customer satisfaction, timely solution to the problem

After the completion of the customer to do the overall service satisfaction assessment

Worry-free after-sales system:

Concealed works 3 years warranty, surface engineering 2 year warranty, lifetime maintenance

2 hours within the reply, 24 hours to deal with, to solve customer problems in a timely manner

Beijing headquarters set up a unified after-sales telephone -400-1156388, special supervision and follow-up

1+N Service System:

Designer custom design of the whole case, soft design designer matching design

Project manager and construction personnel professional construction

Customer manager and engineering customer service tracking service

From the supervision to the director to the general manager of the multiple quality inspection services

Exclusive customer WeChat service group, convenient and timely communication

President Channel System:

Shared to the general manager of the contact

The customer communicates with the general manager in straight line

Any questions can be a straight complaint to the boss

General manager of the first time to deal with the problem, to give a satisfactory response.



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